Our Music for 2019-20

Rhythm dance: “It Was a Good Time” and “Maybe This Time” by Liza Minelli

Free dance: “Rescue” by Lauren Daigle and “Water Under the Bridge” by Adele

Our Results This Season

6th – 2020 U.S. National Championships
4th – 2019 Golden Spin of Zagreb
9th – 2019 NHK Trophy
3rd – 2019 Nepela Memorial
3rd – 2019 Lake Placid Ice Dance International

Our Next Events

TBD for the 2020-2021 Season




Lorraine was born on February 18, 1999 in Washington D.C.. Her passion for skating began when she was just two and half years old as she shuffled around the ice for the first time. Not long after, she met Elena Novak and the rest is history. Lorraine is the youngest of six children, with four older brothers and one sister. Her sister was a ballet dancer and all four brothers played ice hockey. She grew accustom to practically living in ice rinks since the very beginning. She loves the excitement that comes with such a large and loving family and is so grateful to have a band of cheerleaders by her side. In her spare time, Lorraine enjoys dancing, photography, yoga, hiking, and anything that allows her to bring her pup, Tilly, along with her.




I began skating around three years old when my parents took me to public sessions. I loved skating and wanted to take lessons. During the 2002 Winter Olympics I watched speed skating and joined my local club. I competed a couple of times, but my figure skating became more serious when I was invited to join the Wheaton Ice Skating Academy in 2003.




2019-2020 (senior)
6th – 2020 U.S. National Championships
3rd – 2019 Lake Placid Ice Dance International

2018-2019 (senior)
4th – 2019 U.S. National Championships
2nd – 2018 Inge Solar Memorial
3rd – 2018 Grand Prix of Finland
4th – 2018 Skate America
1st – 2018 Lake Placid Ice Dance International

2017-2018 (senior)
4th – 2018 Four Continents Championships
6th – 2018 U.S. National Championships
1st – 2017 Lake Placid Ice Dance International

2016-2017 (junior)
3rd – 2016/17 Junior Grand Prix Final
1st – 2016 Junior Grand Prix Ljubljana Cup, Slovenia
1st – 2016 Junior Grand Prix, Czech Republic

2015-2016 (junior)
1st – 2016 World Junior Championships
1st – 2016 U.S. National Championships
1st – 2015/16 Junior Grand Prix Final
1st – 2015 Junior Grand Prix, Poland
1st – 2015 Junior Grand Prix, USA

2014-2015 (junior)
2nd – 2015 World Junior Championships
1st – 2015 U.S. National Championships

2013-2014 (junior)
3rd – 2013 Junior Grand Prix Final

Love for Skating Brings Lorraine McNamara and Quinn Carpenter Success

With every sport comes competition. Whether it's qualifying, placing or winning and losing, there is always an inevitable comparison between contenders. Unsurprisingly, a competitive drive is a must for most professionally athletes. But for U.S. ice...

Local Junior World Champion ice dancers use special training method to gain success

WHEATON, MD (WUSA9) - Quinn Carpenter and Lorraine McNamara dance on the ice dramatically to the tune of a tango song. They are currently working on their ice skating routine at a Wheaton, Md. ice rink. They're in the first year of senior level skating,...

Friendly rivalry’ has pushed two ice dance teams into skating’s senior circuit

(Samantha Pell/Washington Post) Through the doors of Wheaton Ice Arena, laughter fills the cold air as Rachel Parsons and Lorraine McNamara skate side by side. Immersed in conversation, they move effortlessly around the rink, with McNamara’s brown hair...

Support Us

There are now two ways you can support Lorraine and Quinn’s skating

We are Lorraine McNamara and Quinn Carpenter, two figure skaters with a passion for Ice Dance and a desire to share our love of our sport with as many people around the world as we can. We are asking for your help as we work towards our dream of bringing home Olympic Gold for the United States.

We have been skating together for eleven years. After being National and World champions in Junior in 2016, we are moving up and taking our first steps in the Senior Level.

To start our first Senior season off strong, we need your help more than ever!

In order to make our dream a reality, we must be committed to our sport in every way possible and bring our training to new levels. Our practice regimen must continue to expand, both on and off the ice. This will add a greater financial burden to what is already a very expensive sport. We are very fortunate to have supportive families who do everything possible to help us achieve our goals. Our dedication is unlimited, and our families will continue to do all that they can, but now we need your help to reach the next level.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 of community support. Any funding we receive will go towards costumes, skates, coaching fees, and ice time fees. With the demand for more intensive training, these expenses grow each year. With your kindness and generosity, you can be part of our success and make this goal a reality!

Thank you sincerely for your time and support and please share this with your friends and family.

All the best,
Lorraine and Quinn

HOW YOU CAN SUPPORT LORRAINE & QUINN’S SKATING: You can support Lorraine and Quinn’s skating by making a tax-deductible donation to the New England Amateur Skating Foundation (NEASF). Please make your check payable to the NEASF and include one or both of the custom donation forms we have included below.  The address for contributions is at the end of this page.


ABOUT THE NEASF: The NEASF is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist competitive amateur skaters. All Regional, Sectional, National and International skaters are eligible for assistance. The mission of the New England Amateur Skating Foundation is to help competitive skaters by defraying some of their ever-increasing expenses. With many skaters in need of support, the Foundation, a tax-exempt organization, offers the opportunity of sponsorship to anyone who would like to help.

Donations are received from both individuals and corporations. The monies collected are then used to defray skating-related expenses such as ice time, lessons, costumes, equipment, competition fees, strength training, ballet, off-ice classes and travel expenses. The NEASF Allocations Committee reviews its information about a skater and allocates funds accordingly. Information reviewed includes comments and recommendations of clubs, professionals and donors, as well as the experience and competitive level of the skater. The skater must submit a bill or bills signed by the skater as well as the head coach. If the skater is under 18 years of age, the bills must be signed by a parent and the head coach. Payment is made directly to the vendor or provider of the services.

One hundred percent of your donation goes to the skater. The NEASF charges no fees and there are no deductions of any kind. All of the operating expenses of the Foundation are paid by volunteers. All donations are used to help the skaters. The NEASF is tax-exempt under 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations, therefore, are usually deductible. You should consult with your tax accountant or advisor as to how your contributions is to be treated.

If you have further questions, please contact Missy Bennet at:
New England Amateur Skating Foundation
P.O. BOX 6881
Providence, RI. 02940
Email:  neasf@hotmail.com

For your convenience, we have provided custom NEASF donation forms for Lorraine and Quinn.  Please include one or both with your donation to NEASF to insure that your contribution will go towards Lorraine and Quinn’s skating expenses.

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